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15 controversial statements for intermediate and advanced learnes to improve speaking

Controversial statements about schools

  1. Students don’t have to wear uniform.
  2. Homework shouldn’t be obligatory.
  3. Students have to study for 6 days and have fewer lessons each day.
  4. There must be a lot of different special courses for students who want to learn something new.
  5. Education must be free for everybody.
  6. The headmaster should have meetings where he/she listens to the suggestions of the students.
  7. Schools must have radios for announcements and interesting programs.
  8. Breaks between the lessons should be longer than 15 minutes.
  9. Schools should have their own newspaper with all the events going on inside and outside.
  10. Students must be able to choose the subjects they study on their own.
  11. There should be more external activities like tours around the city, museums, parties and so on.
  12. Primary, middle and high school must be divided into different departments or buildings.
  13. There should be at least two foreign languages among the subjects.
  14. Schools don’t need parental meetings.
  15. Every school must have all modern equipment needed for studying (computers, laptops, interactive whiteboards, projectors, etc.)

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