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6 important answered questions about TRS

How does the Texas Teacher Retirement System work?

  1. Being a public school teacher in Texas is enough to make you enrolled in the TRS i.e, the Teacher Retirement System of Texas automatically.
  2. TRS includes more than 1.3 million beneficiaries, which makes it the largest system in Texas.
  3. Every teacher contributes to the system 6.4 % of their compensation regarding future retirement. However, their contributions fluctuate depending on the district they belong to.
  4. To fully benefit from TRS, teachers need to meet the following requirements: They should have completed at least 5 years of service and aged 65 or older, and they need to have gained 80 credit in total.
  5. Teacher Retirement System of Texas is a defined benefit plan determined by Law.

Do teachers get Social Security in Texas?

Most Texas schools don’t participate in Social Security, which means as a new teacher in Texas you may not benefit from Social Security. The following video provides more elaborations on this point.

When can I retire as a teacher in Texas?

As mentioned earlier, TRS teachers can retire at the age of 65 with 5 or more years of service

Can I borrow money from Teacher Retirement System of Texas?

  1. Yes you can. Up to 75 % can be borrowed of the participant’s personal contributions to TRS except for employer contributions which are not eligible
  2. Members whi spent one year of service and reached 1.334 in total contributions with interest included have the right to borrow 1.000 dollars in a calendar year.
  3. Members who have reached only 400 dollars in contributions may borrow 300 dollars in two periods of time: between January till June and between July to December.

What percentage does TRS take out of paycheck?

You can use this official calculator to know exactly the percentage.

What is TRS insurance deduction?

It is the amount of money the member contributes monthly to the TRS. Tax deductions are deducted from the taxable income or pre-tax salary of the member.

What type of retirement account is TRS?

It is a defined benefit retirement system which provides service as well as disability retirement. It also offers death and survivor benefits.


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