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7 practical tips to teach your kid English at home 2

7 practical tips to teach your kid English at home

Learning English today has become necessary if not compulsory. Therefore, as teachers of English, our challenge is not only to teach people’ kids English but also to teach our own ones.

In this blog post, we have highlighted seven practical ways which may help you teach your children English at home.

1. Watching tv in English

Today, you will be wrong if you believe that learning can take place exclusively within the classroom and with the attendance of the teacher and students. The concept of learning has diametrically changed. Thus, thanks to technology, we can opt for TV as an efficient method to teach our kids English implicitly. It’s enough to turn the channel’s language to let your kid learn by themselves through cartoons, movies or programs.

2. Exposure and interaction

It will be ideal if you manage to provide your kid the chance to interact with other kids who are either natives or can speak English. This way, he or she will have the chance to have direct exposure to English and also will develop different skills naturally.

3. Reading to your child

7 practical tips to teach your kid English at home 3

Reading is a powerful tool to improve language skills including writing. Reading to your kid can be seen as a useful habit which can help them love reading and English at the same time. You may also let your kid read by themselves by providing them with illustrated books or colored ones.

4. offer some fun games

Remember! we are learning how to teach kids English, which means we mustn’t forget about fun and entertainment, instead they should go hand in hand with learning English. It’s good to propose to your child some fun games like crosswords, unscrambling, colors and so on. You may also use phone apps.

5. Use performed songs

english for kids

Performed songs allow your kid to develop spoken language skill through action. It’s also another fun method that the child will admire and won’t hesitate to practice.

6. Take advantage of the technological devices available

english for kids

Technology has facilitated our life dramatically. Often, we use technology to spend our time in useless activities. For our children, we can let them take advantage of devices such as phones and tablets to learn English very fast. Youtube channels, games and apps are ways to use these technological devices in promoting the learning of English

7. Seize the opportunity

english for kids

Whenever you have the opportunity to teach your kid something, do it! our kids learn a lot from us; hence we can take advantage of every situation to communicate with them and teach them new words or forms.


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