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Teaching ideas

Ways to enhance student-teacher relationship

Having a bad student-teacher relationship may impede the process of teaching-learning and results in an unhealthy and unproductive environment within the classroom. Therefore, it is rudimentary to know how to enhance student-teacher relationship. Here are some ways to make the relationship with your students as efficient as possible: 1. Tell the students about yourself Introducing …

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Ditransitive verbs 5

Ditransitive verbs

What is meant by Ditransitive Verbs? Ditransitive verbs are types of verbs which require two objects; they take the following sentence type: SVOO (Subject+ Verb + Object + Object). Examples: She bought me a gift He sent me a letter I lent you ten dollars How many types do ditransitive verbs reflect? This type of verbs can have five forms: Simple ditransitive verbs: verbs which …

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