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Correlative conjunctions: either/or, neither/nor 2

Correlative conjunctions: either/or, neither/nor

Correlative conjunctions definition

  Correlative conjunctions are two conjunctions used together to link words,  phrases, or clauses.

There are multiple examples of correlative conjunctions, but the following are the correlative conjunctions you will learn in this lesson.
1. Either  – or
2. Neither  – nor

When you use either, you use or as well.    
When you use neither, you use nor as well.    
You cannot use either with nor. You also cannot use or with neither.

Example: We will either go to the park or the zoo tomorrow.
Example: We will neither go to the park or the zoo if it is raining.

Correlative conjunctions exercises

Underline the correlative conjunctions used in the following sentences.

1. Some immigrants wanted to come to America either to find jobs or to be with the family that had already traveled to America.
2. Neither Chinese immigrants nor European immigrants wanted to face discrimination.
3. Children either went to work or went to school.
4. Neither  Andrew Carnegie nor Alexander Graham Bell was born in America. They were immigrants.
5. When crop prices fell because of mechanization, farmers could neither pay for their mortgages on land nor equipment.

Independent Practice  

Add  the  correct  correlative  conjunctions  to  make  the  sentences  correct.
1. ____________________  Ida Tarbell  ____________________  Upton Sinclair could sit back and do  
nothing  about the problems  they  saw.
2. Many  in  America  wanted  to  ____________________  limit  the  sale  of  alcohol  
____________________ prohibit  alcohol  altogether.
3. They  plan to  make a decision in  ____________________  April  ____________________  May.  
4. ____________________  bootlegging  ____________________  speakeasies  were  legal  during  
5. ____________________  go  to  bed  early  ____________________ don’t complain about being tired every day.

Writing activities

6. Write a sentence about two things you would like to do using either/or.

7. Write a sentence about two things you do not like to eat using either/nor.

8. Write a sentence using the correlative conjunctions either/or neither/nor.