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Expressing opinions, agreeing, disagreeing lesson plan

Topic: Expressing opinion, agreeing and disagreeing

Duration: 50 min

Level: Intermediate


By the end of this session, students should be able to:
• Recall and identify the expressions used to ask for and give opinion
• Distinguish between agreeing and disagreeing
• Use the exponents learnt correctly and communicatively

(5 min)

  1. Teacher greets Ss
  2. Ss review the previous lesson
  3. Teacher introduces the lesson of functions

(15 min)

Teacher creates a situation to elicit some expressions of opinion “Suppose you want to attend the university and you want to ask your friend about his/her opinion. What would you say?”

Teacher elicits the expressions used to ask fro opinion Key: What do you think about…? What’s your opinion about..? Are you for or against..? Do you think that…?

Teacher then asks Ss to provide some expressions used to give opinion

Key: I think….. To my mind, ……

As far as I’m concerned,……

As I see it, ………. It seems to me that ……

In my point of view, ……..

I take the view that ………

Teacher elicits expressions of agreeing and disagreeing andadds to them

Key: (+) I agree with you. I do agree.

You are definitely right. I share the same view.

(-) I’m afraid I can’t agree with you

I disagree with you

I don’t agree with you

I’m not sure I agree with you

I think you are wrong

Study (15 min)

  1. Ss use the expressions to respond to some given issues by the teacher Oral correction
  2. Ss complete some given exchanges in pairs using the exponents of asking for and giving opinion
  3. Ss read the exchanges

Activate (15 min)

  1. Ss write a dialogue in pairs about certain issues, giving their opinions and expressing their agreement and disagreement
  2. Ss share their dialogues with the class

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