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How to build a sentence and a paragraph lesson plan

  • Topic: Paragraph and sentence writing
  • Duration: 1h
  • Level: Beginners


By the end of this lesson students will be able to:

  1. Recognize the basic elements of a sentence
  2. Use notes to write a paragraph

Lead in : (5min)

  1. Teacher greets SS
  2. Teacher writes incorrect sentences on the board and ask students to correct them

Pre-writing: (15min)

  1. Teacher introduces the lesson of the session: writing good sentences and paragraph
  2. Teacher explains word order of sentences
  3. Teacher explains to ss what is : subject, verb, object, time and place in a sentence
  4. Teacher asks students to give examples for each element
  5. Task 1: (see handout)
  6. ss reorder the words given in task 2 to write correct sentences

Writing: (20min)

  1. Task 2: (handout)
  2. Teacher asks students to answer the questions about personal information
  3. Using correct sentences with : Subject-Verb-Object
  4. Teacher monitors the students
  5. Whole class correction
  6. Task 3: (handout)
  7. Ss write their first on the handout as suggested
  8. Teacher asks students to exchange their paragraphs with others and correct grammar, word order, punctuation and capitalization
  9. Ss exchange their paragraphs again and read their pieces of writing

Post-writing: (15min)

  1. Teacher asks SS to write a short paragraph about their daily routine using the note on (writing 2/ handout)
  2. Teacher walks around and helps with vocabulary, expressions etc
  3. -whole class correction

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