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How To Train Your Dragon Book review and summary 2

How To Train Your Dragon Book review and summary

How To Train Your Dragon is a series of an animated films directed by the Canadian Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders. This film is based on the award-winning series book written by the famous British Children’s book author Cressida Cowell. The film combines action, suspense, excitement, adventure, comedy family.

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This cinematic series has been released in three films in 2010, 2014 and 2019 and has achieved a prevalent artistic success. The estimated global revenue of “How To Train Your Dragon” exceeded 1.1 billion dollars. The story brings together the human race and mythical fantasy creatures, which are dragons that resemble huge reptiles. The chapters reflect a complex of interrelated themes including friendly relations, confrontations, disputes, alliances and acts of violence.

How To Train Your Dragon Book review and summary 3

The title of the last film is “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” has carried on and completed the events of the story of the first and second films of this trilogy. The main character in this movie or book series is Hecap who is his tribe’s leader in his village. Hiccup, together with his dragon named Toothless, dragons riders and their friends have combined their efforts to rescue the kidnapped dragons and return them to their village in order to retain peace and harmony for the humans and dragons.

how to train your dragon book

However, their attempts have crowded their area with dragons. As a result, the dragons merchants offered a white dragon to the dreaded evil dragon hunter Girmmel to lure him to kidnap the dragon Toothless as well. The dragon hunters have put Hiccup’s house on fire, and then Hiccup has ordered his people to leave to a peaceful and safe place. As a result of the fight, Hiccup discovers his Dragon’s inability to fly, which affected his dragon Toothless relationship with his best friend named Dragon Fury. Yet, Hiccup didn’t give up and help his dragon by creating an automatic Tail, which enabled him to fly and escorted Fury to a new area.

These Violent confrontations have continued between the tribe’s leader Hiccup, his people against the evil opponents led by the Dragon Merchant Gremmel, who has led an army and was able to capture Toothless and a number of dragons. During a clash between Hiccup and Gremel, Gremmel falls into the sea and drowns, and Hiccup bid farewell to Toothless and then married his fiancée Astrid.

Finally, years later, Toothless married and his wife gave birth to three dragons. Hiccup, his wife, and his two children moved into the sea to reunite with dragons in the hidden world.


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