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Linking verbs: list, definition, examples and worksheet

Linking verbs definition

A  linking verb does not show action but connects or links the subject  to the rest of the sentence.    

The list of linking verbs

am,  is,  are,  was,  were,  has,  become,  seem,  feel,  look

Examples of linking verbs

Sarah is pretty.
Example  2
They  were  happy.

Linking verbs exercises and worksheet

Underline  the  linking  verb  in  each  sentence.
1. The  Wright  Brothers  are  famous  for  inviting  the  airplane.
2. Electricity  was  a  great  invention.
3. Immigrants were attracted to the jobs created by big businesses in  America.
4. Inventions became very important to the American economy.
5. Big business owners were very wealthy.

Independent  Practice

Underline the linking verb in each sentence.
1. Basketball is an international sport that was invented many years ago.
2. Today’s inventions look different than they used to look.
3. Many women were happy when the washing machine was invented.
4. Alexander  Graham  Bell  was  the  inventor  of  the  telephone.
5. People were happy to have electricity.


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