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Messenger Writing Activity 2

Messenger Writing Activity

Since writing is an important skill that our students miss , why don’t we give it more importance during tutorials instead of doing only grammar exercises most of times !!
Here’s a way of doing that..

Writing lesson using messenger

Messenger programmes and apps are used instead of email to leave quick messages or to have a conversation with another person online. Have your learners simulate a messenger chat in the following way:

♦Divide the class into pairs and give each pair a blank piece of paper.
♦Explain that they have 10 minutes (or more )to have a conversation with each other, but that they cannot say anything. They must do it in writing.
♦One learner writes a message on the piece of paper and hands it to the other learner. The other learner writes a response and hands it back to the first learner.
This kind of situation may seem bizarre to the learners at first, as they might not know what to say, but once the paper has passed back and forth two or three times you might find it hard to stop them writing!
♦ You can give your learners more guidance by supplying them with a situation or hints ,pictures
e.g. You are chatting to a good friend. Tell them about your last summer vacation.
♦ After they have written their ideas.. Invite them to come to the board and share their ideas..
Get the others feedback
Help them correct some common mistakes..

By our colleague Dalila Ouchene


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