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Friendship Worksheet

This worksheet will give the chance to your learners to practice the theme of Friendship. It includes activities about the aspects of friendship and its main qualities The videos being used is the following 3+

Expressing opinions, agreeing, disagreeing lesson plan

Topic: Expressing opinion, agreeing and disagreeing Duration: 50 min Level: Intermediate Objectives By the end of this session, students should be able to: • Recall and identify the expressions used to ask for and give opinion • Distinguish between agreeing and disagreeing • Use the exponents learnt correctly and communicatively Warm-up (5 min) Teacher greets …

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Music is my life flashcards with can and can’t

These music flashcards give learners the chance to practice the modals can and can’t under the theme of music and songs. They can ask each other questions with can and can’t about musical instruments and singing. So this activity fosters learners’ ability to speak. Shared with us by The_sky_is_the_limit | Worksheets and handouts 1+