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Phrasal verbs lesson plan with exercises

Topic: Phrasal verbs

Duration: 55 min

Level: intermediate


  • By the end of the lesson students will be able to:
  • Understand the commonly used phrasal verbs.
  • Come across phrasal verbs in a relevant context
  • Practice and write sentences using the verbs studied


Warm-up: (5min)

  1. Lead students to a vocabulary lesson by asking the following question: What are the verbs you know?

Presentation: 15 min

Phase 1

  1. Using total physical response, students act the following verbs: stand up-Set down-
  2. Ask a student to turn on and turn of the light
  3. What do we call these verbs?
  4. Students will automatically answer: phrasal verbs.
  5. Elicit the phrasal verbs students know
  6. Draw a semantic map and get students write them.

Phase 2

  1. Expose students to picture illustrating the meaning of phrasal verbs.
  2. Ask students yes-no questions
  3. Drill the pronunciation
  4. Students read a text so as to come across the studied verbs in a context.
  5. Students, in groups of four, work on the text and answer the first question.

Find in the paragraph phrasal verbs that almost mean the same as:

—-When Jamal went to Casablanca to apply for a visa to England, they turned him down. The reason was that he didn’t meet their requirements. More than that, he didn’t fill in the application appropriately. He was so upset because he wanted to go to England to find out about the English culture and pick up the English language easly. Now, he is looking forward to getting a visa to the USA through the Green Card Lottery. —–

  1. Students underline phrasal verbs in the text.
  2. Do the task and lead students to more practice

Practice: (15 min)

Exercise 1: Match the following phrasal verbs with their definition.
Hand out □ □ to find something by chance or discover
Put on □ □ to look for a difficult word in a dictionary.
Look up □ □ to stop doing an activity.
Put off □ □ to distribute papers, books…
Bring about □ □ to wear clothes or dress up
Give up □ □ to postpone an event to another time
Find out □ □ to cause something to happen
Set up □ □ to register at a hotel or airport
Check in □ □ to Establish a company or start a project
Use error correction techniques: self-correction- peer-correction-teacher correction.
Check students understanding
Exercise 2: Fill the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs from the list bellow.

Put off-check in-long for-Give up-Set up-Find out

The officer was thinking that Emily was the killer, but later on he_______ she was innocent. Steve is going to __ a hotel, don’t worry.

The state________ many new school buildings in the rural areas.

The doctor advised him to________ smocking.

Sarah is a hopeful student. She __ becoming a doctor.

The football teams ________the match because of the bad weather

  1. Check students understanding
  2. Make students ready for the production stage.

Production: (15 min)

  1. In groups of four: students write three sentences using three of the phrasal verbs studied.
  2. Teacher monitors students work and provides help
  3. Teacher gets students to write the best sentences on the board

Download this lesson plan in doc

Phrasal verbs with put


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