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Ways to enhance student-teacher relationship

Having a bad student-teacher relationship may impede the process of teaching-learning and results in an unhealthy and unproductive environment within the classroom. Therefore, it is rudimentary to know how to enhance student-teacher relationship.

Here are some ways to make the relationship with your students as efficient as possible:

1. Tell the students about yourself

Introducing oneself to the students is a great way to let them know about you and make them feel close to you from the very beginning of the school year.

2. Call your students by their names

Learning by heart your students’names is so important when it comes to building a harmonious relationship with them. Try to memorize their names as early as possible and never call them using nicknames or descriptions which may complicate that relationship. Also, calling your students by their names makes them that they are important and that you are caring.

3. Greet your students every class day

Be the first to greet your students at the classroom’s door with a smile in your face. This way you will succeed in making students enthusiastic to start the class and motivated to your lesson. It furthermore shows them that you love them and respect them.

4. Be friendly but not a friend

It is important to know that being close to your students is a caveat and a double-faced sword. Getting close to your students does not mean to let them be involved in your personal life nor being involved in their own; it simply mean you need to be friendly with by not being too strict and understand their needs and wants.

5. Establishing classroom rules

Setting classroom rules is very efficient when it comes to seeking a stable learning environment. By doing so, you let students aware of their rights and duties and also the expected behavior and their consequences. The rules need to be explicit, agreed upon, and translated to the mother tongue of the student if required.

6.Reinforce appropriate classroom behavior

Never hesitate to reinforce your students when doing something right. Students love to be praised and continuous reinforcement leads to the reinforcement of actions and making them habits within the class.

7. Tell them” I love you”

Whenever you get the chance, tell your students that you love them and everything you do is for their own sake.

8. Don’t discriminate among the students

Favoring boys over girls or the high-achievers over low ones will surely lead to a bad and negative relationship between student and teacher. As a professional teacher, you had better not discriminate among your students and you should consider them all the same and equal.

9. Meet your students’ needs, levels, and learning styles

You should do your best to be eclectic in your teaching methods and techniques. You should as well take into consideration your students’ needs by diversifying activities and tasks. This way students will not only love the subject but also you as a teacher since you succeed in reaching their learning desires and needs.

10. Don’t exchange personal contacts

Your relationship with students shouldn’t exceed the classroom or by far the school. Chatting with them using social media apps and networks may result in disrespect and unwanted outcomes; it also turns the relationship from professional to personal. It’s preferable to provide your students with your professional e-mail in case contact with them is necessary.


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