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Why is English the first language in the world today

No one can deny that today speaking English has become a mandatory skill to be learned. It has turned out to be the bridge that connects different people and communities. Moreover, English permeates almost all fields and domains due to mainly historical reasons in addition to other economic and cultural ones to be laid out in this blog post.

Colonialism and the expansion of English

The expansion of the British empire is deemed to be one of the main reasons why English is widespread today. Beginning with conquering the united states in 1620, the British landing in the Massachusets coast didn’t only carry with it the religious spirit and economic rapacity, but also the language; which is today the first language of one the greatest economic and political power in the world.

The same goes for Australia. In 1788, Sydney was ornamented by the British flag and officially announced as a British colony; which surely meant an ENGLISH colony.

Other colonial invasions of the British include India, Uganda, Pakistan, and Jamaica where English is still used as an administrative and economic language.


Since the twentieth century, the United States has been a world-leading economy. The emergence of the concept of globalization paved the way for the U.S and its multinational companies to conquer the world not only economically but also linguistically. With the purpose of making the world a global village, the United States managed to embark on the world community with its economy and culture; thus, language.


Speaking only English today can allow you to easily travel around the world. English is the lingua Franca ( simply lingua franca is the language that is used between two persons who are natives of two different languages.) used by hotels, resorts agencies, airports, trips guides, travel websites and so on.


According to Natureindex, the U.S is leading scientific research in the world. Publishing papers, innovations, and high-quality education are some aspects in which the U.S proves to be strong and prolific. As well, U.S and British universities have been dominating the top-ten list of the best universities around the world according to Therefore, it is no wonder that English teaching and learning is highly required and adopted by different world education systems.

Another scientific factor that makes English very popular is its scientific jargon which allows scientists to express scientific ideas. This ability is reflected in many languages today and much jargon is translated from English.

Internet and information technology

The invention of the internet in the U.S and the pre-dominance of tye English websites, search engines, and social media platforms is conspicuously another crucial factor why English is powerful today. Internet users around the world are in daily contact with online English content. Also, access to information requires its seekers to have the ability to understand English.

Social media

As mentioned above, the advent of the internet has made English nearly compulsory to be learned. One of the aspects in which we can concretize this is the emergence of social media. Facebook and Twitter are both U.S social media platforms which both receive millions of online users daily. These two websites have managed to make English powerful through viral content and news.

On the other hand, computer sciences and programming languages which have revolutionized our world in all its aspects are developed in English.

Cultural imperialism

The spread of English in the world is viewed by many as a threat to local cultures, languages, and identities. Such a view is based on many cultural manifestations where English is proved to be so powerful or as referred to as language or cultural imperialism. Today, the U.S culture has imposed itself within world communities through fashion, food (Macdonald, fast-food, hot-dogs), Hollywood cinema industry, music genres and so on. Despite some countries’ attempts to preserve their standard languages including France, English is still commonly used and fastly spread in the world.


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