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Writing a descriptive paragraph lesson plan pdf

Topic: writing a descriptive paragraph

Duration: 55min

Level: Beginners

Competencies :

By the end of this session, students should be able to:
• Use a diagram to write a descriptive paragraph
• Evaluate the paragraph using a checklist

Warm-up: (5 min)

  1. Teacher greets Ss
  2. Ss are asked to figure out the odd-one-out
  3. Road – building – fantastic – text
  4. Ss discuss the use of adjectives
  5. Teacher introduces the lesson of writing a descriptive paragraph

(15 min)

  1. Teacher provides Ss with a paragraph
  2. Ss read quickly the paragraph and Teacher explains some key words
  3. Teacher asks students to elicit the adjective that were used in the paragraph for description

(20 min)

  1. Teacher asks the students to categorise the adjectives into certain groups: height, build, physical, moral, size, color….
  2. Teacher ask students to think of a gifted or famous person or actor, and ask them to describe him or her physically and morally using some learnt adjectives in separate sentences

Post-writing: (20min)

  1. Students use the adjectives they have learnt to write a descriptive paragraph about the person they have chosen already
  2. Teacher monitors and helps

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